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At Fiverr Script Clones we usually focus on scripts or themes similar to the ‘Fiverr’ style of freelance website, however we noticed that they share huge similarities to ‘Freelancer Clone Scripts’ which replicate the style of website seen at UpWork or People Per Hour. We thought we’d share the similarities between these types of sites so that you can see the relevance of our reviews, tips and tricks to give you a kickstart to creating your very own freelancer website!

Freelancer Clone Scripts

Freelancer Clone Scripts, or Freelancer Website Scripts as they are also known, work in essentially the same way as a Fiverr Script. They are used to install a function onto a website to allow users to sign up and start offering jobs which other people can then purchase or bid on, meaning you can attract both buyers and sellers. People who work on websites like ‘Fiverr’ are classed as freelancers, so this is where the main similarities come from between the scripts. We simply started out recommending ‘Fiverr’ style scripts (hence our name), however there really is no difference and the two are interchangeable.

What is the main difference between a Fiverr Script and a Freelancer Script? There is none, one targets micro (or smaller) jobs, the other tends to be larger, more long term employments so it is down entirely to your setup

SiteMile Fiverr Script Review

An Example Of An Interchangeable Website Script (Sitemile)


Will My Fiverr Style Script Work For Freelance?

The short answer is yes, as the work seen on sites like Fiverr is freelance work anyway. You can target whatever type of work you like on your website, with smaller jobs often referred to as ‘microjobs’ where-as a typical freelance site targets larger or on-going projects, however both options have the potential to bring in permanent clients.

Which Type Of Script Is More Profitable?

The profitability of your Freelance Script is down to your setup and unique selling points, both can be hugely profitable if the correct audience is found and the site can bring in traffic. Typically a commission is earned from a user purchasing a gig or job (anywhere from $1-100), which is deducted from the sellers fee as a cost of business. In most cases this is a seamless and automated process which is built into the Freelance Website Script, without any need for a manual setup. If you wanted to earn a larger commission on each job, then a ‘Freelance’ style site would be recommended over a ‘Microjob’ site like Fiverr, as the cost of projects can be upwards of $1000 instead of the typically low (less than $10) fee’s generally charged on microjob websites.


WP Jobster Review Features

List Of Typical Freelance Website Script Features (WP Jobster)


Where Do I Start With Freelancer Script?

Start by referencing our ‘Where To Start‘ page which gives a run-down of the basic initial steps to getting your website up and running. From there we offer a host of tips, tricks and guides on our homepage which go into further detail about optimising your website for traffic, setting yourself apart from competitors, as well as step by step guides and reviews. Most of our reviews are compatible as both Fiverr Scripts aswell as Freelance Scripts, to allow you to create an UpWork Clone or People Per Hour Clone website.

What Scripts Work For Freelance?

We have a host of reviews here at Fiverr Script Clones, ones that can easily be setup to work as a freelance site include

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Freelance Script Questions


Have any questions about our Freelancer Scripts? Be sure to send us a message through the contact page and we will get back to you ASAP to answer any questions you may have. If you’ve already setup your own website, why not submit it to us for review to be featured!