Prefive Fiverr Script Review

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The Prefive Fiverr Script At A Glance

✔ Built With WordPress, Optimised For Mobile and Responsive Design

✔ Live Messaging, Notifications and Ticketed Support System

✔ 18 Different Plugins and Extension Modules Including Translation

✔ 12+ Payment Gateways Available Including Cross Currency Integration

The Prefive Fiverr Script is packed full of features and has a long list of benefits, but how does it all work and is it worth looking into?


Like some of our other featured scripts the Prefive Fiverr Clone is based on WordPress, meaning it can be setup without knowledge of basic coding languages such as CSS and HTML. A simple import into your WordPress themes dashboard will allow you to start tweaking and managing your script within seconds, making the initial setup a breeze. From there you have the ability to install plugins, activate features and customise using the built in framework at your will, without the need for costly development processes.

Easy Setup Using The WordPress Platform Gives A 10/10


Out of the box looks is a big consideration when choosing the best Fiverr Script and in our opinion is where the Prefive WordPress Script excels. It features a truly unique layout and differs considerably from other ones we’ve featured here (like the Sitemile Pricerr script), with a graphic focused design. This makes it perfect for anyone that is looking to add a unique selling point to their site, making it a completely different experience to most other ‘Fiverr’ or ‘Freelancer’ based websites. Of course, you are free to add or remove as much as you see fit, using their 18 different plugins and extensions to add features such as affiliate programs (allowing people to promote gigs on your site).

Demo Homepage View Of The Prefive Fiverr Script

Gig View Of The Prefive Fiverr Script

View Live Demo | View Admin Panel Demo

*See login details on demo page for Admin Panel

As you can see from the images above, a premium look is easily achievable with this script and there is still a lot of room for improvement with manual customisation. The one drawback we have found though is that you must be prepared to customise many elements to get a clean and concise finish, something which is achieved quicker using other scripts we’ve featured. For this reason if you’re looking for a fast setup, then this may not be the one for you but, a bit of time can go a long way to developing a winning ‘freelance’ style site like Fiverr or UpWork.

Premium Looks But Somewhat Lengthy Customisation Gives A 7/10


When it comes to usability, the Prefive Fiverr Script scores well thanks to its use of WordPress and plugins which can easily be tweaked to add features to your site. Compatible for use as both micro job and freelancer style projects, it provides a flexible platform that can allow you to attract a large range of clients that would use sites like these to A, make money from freelance activity and B, source professionals with a particular skill-set. There are a number of standard features you’d expect to see on such a platform including built-in messaging software, user notifications, tiered gig packages (standard, premium etc) and order management, but there are also a number of advanced features you don’t see elsewhere like cross-currency integration and translation features which means you can truly go worldwide with this script.

Prefive Fiverr Script Features

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The level of compatibility and built in plugin features makes it difficult to not score the Prefive WordPress Fiverr Script highly, we really do recommend visiting their site to get a grasp of every feature they have available. You won’t be disappointed.

Whether Its A Freelance Or Microjob Site Prefive Has You Covered 9/10


Price is an essential factor for any purchasing decision, whether it’s Fiverr Script or the newest model of car. Luckily Prefive has this covered with a few different package options to choose from, depending on your level of investment and integration you would like. The packages are split up into Start Up ($249), Professional ($499) and Enterprise ($799), with Enterprise being the one to go for if you’re looking at an all encompassing freelancer style site. However the majority of features are still available at the Professional package, so we recommend taking a look at the different options available and base it off what you features you would be looking to use.

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We think its important to remember that most users will grow into the larger packages, so don’t let the initial investment put you off, as you can always upgrade at a later date.

Competitive Pricing But Restrictions For Lower Packages Gives A 7/10


Overall the Prefive Fiverr Script is a truly powerful out of the box solution to creating a ‘Fiverr’ or ‘Freelancer’ style website. The use of WordPress opens a huge world of opportunity for customisation and integrations, without any need for any kind of expensive development (which is often the barrier of entry with these kinds of sites). With the ability to make use of international currencies and translation features makes your reach global rather than domestic, meaning you can essentially target the 4+ billion people who make use of the internet on a daily basis.

Pair a strong setup with the built in ability WordPress has for SEO (search engine optimisation) and you could be looking at a market dominating force with the Prefive Fiverr Script, at not a lot of investment. But don’t just take our word for it, why not visit their site and live demo’s to get a proper look and feel.

The Fiverr Script Clones Score – 8/10

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We also recommend taking a look at the demo pages to get a real feel for the theme and what it can offer by checking out the Live Demo and Admin Panel Demo.