Fiverr Script Choice Guide

We’ve split our Fiverr Script Choice Guide up into four sections, Flexibility, Looks, Cost and Profitability. All of these are considered essential elements of any purchasing decision, so take a look at our specific examples of what you should be looking out for, before making your choice.


So, lets start by covering the looks of the Fiverr Script. Everyone wants their ‘Fiverr Clone’ to look similar to market leaders, but some people end up working with a base that doesn’t look or feel anything like those of market leaders (like UpWork & Fiverr). Having a poor design is going to put potential users off and not entice them to look around, rendering your website effectively useless because the traffic just wont convert. It’s definitely worth taking the time to get this right, check out our ‘reviews‘ section and see for yourself which ones have the best looks (we think either Pricerr or the GigToDo theme).

Pricerr UpWork Clone Script

Pricerr Theme Homepage


Profitability is the second point we want to cover, most people who purchase a Fiverr Script are wanting to make money so you need to make sure the functionality is there. Look out for unique selling points such as worldwide currency integration, these can help you target users at a later date as a unique feature of using your site. Give users a reason to come to you over market leaders, so consider planning elements of your targeting strategy before going-ahead with your choice of script. Another consideration which will help towards profitability is to use low commission payment gateways, certain payment gateways (like PayPal) can charge high fee’s of up to 2% on each purchase, so make a list of ones on the lower end to prevent a loss of potential earnings.

Pricerr Theme Features

Pricerr Theme Example Features


Whether you’re working on a strict budget or are looking to get the most for your money, there are a range of Fiverr Scripts available on the market at a host of different price ranges. We suggest taking a functionality-first approach here, to identify which script has the functions or looks that you’re trying to achieve, that way you won’t be bogged down by looking at price on it’s own. Certain scripts offer a tiered pricing structure which means that you get less functionality at a lower price, so you may be able to negotiate a discount if you only need one of the features in the higher tiers, it’s always worth an ask!

Pricerr WordPress Theme Pricing

Pricerr Theme Example Pricing Structure


When it comes to picking your Fiverr Script there are many things you should take into account. One of these is the flexibility (or usability) of the script, if you have minimal knowledge of HTML/CSS then it will be difficult for you to make large design changes to stand out from the hundreds of micro-job sites that are out there. If this sounds like you then don’t worry, just make sure you choose either a WordPress based script, or a PHP one that includes a built in CMS (Content Management System) like GigToDo 

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UpWork Clone Script Recommendations

UpWork Clone Script gives you the ability to create your own ‘freelance’ or ‘microjob’ style website, to compete with industry giants like UpWork, People Per Hour and Fiverr.

We’ve collated our recommendations below to give you a better understanding of the options you have available. Although generally we call them ‘Fiverr Scripts’ they can be applied to any freelance or digital marketplace site, so we’ve got you covered with some great options. To view all of our previous recommendations, please visit our ‘Reviews‘ section.

Pricerr Theme From Sitemile

The Pricerr Theme from Sitemile is a powerful UpWork Clone Script, built with WordPress for a quick and easy install. A catalogue of features allows you to tweak functionality to suit your requirements, including multi currency and translation integration. Pair this with their Entrepreneur package that includes an IOS/Android application and you’ll have a winning formula.

Pricerr UpWork Clone Script

Read Our Review | View Theme

Prefive Theme

The Prefive Theme is another WordPress based script that can give you your very own freelance site in minutes. Similar to the ‘Pricerr’ theme, it offers a number of different features that can be tweaked to your requirements, including worldwide translation which helps you to target users on an international level (important for any freelance site). Although looks-wise it appears to be somewhat lacking, a little design work can go a long way here.

Read Our Review | View Theme (5% Off With Code FiverrScript)


The GigToDo Theme is a PHP script that we regard highly as one of the best options for creating your own UpWork clone. It allows you to tweak the minimum price of gig/service offerings so that you have control over the audience you’re trying to attract. Coming with a built in Content Management System this runs just like a WordPress equivalent, helping beginners get off the ground running with a quick and easy setup.

Read Our Review | View Theme

So there you have our top UpWork Clone Script recommendations, any of these suggested themes are powerful enough to launch your own market-leading freelance marketplace in less than 24 hours. If you are looking for more advice and how to get started, we suggest checking out our homepage where a range of posts can be found from reviews, to tips and tricks.

WP Jobster Fiverr Script Review

Our Fiverr Script Clone reviews are un-biased and look at the overall features, usability, price and effectiveness of the different options that are out there. To view all of our different reviews, please visit our ‘Reviews’ section. 

If you’re just starting out and are not sure what to look at first, please see our ‘Where To Start‘ page which will give you everything you need to get started.

WP Jobster Fiverr Script At A Glance

✔ Built With WordPress, Optimised For Mobile and Responsive Design

✔ Easy Customisation With A Drag, Drop Page Builder

✔ Includes Free Setup And Installation With All Packages

✔ Comes With It’s Own IOS And Android Apps

As you can see already, the WP Jobster theme is packed full of features and benefits (full list available below), but how does it all work and is it worth looking into?


It appears most modern Fiverr Clone Scripts are being built with WordPress, with WP Jobster being no exception. WP Jobster makes use of the integrations available to the WordPress system such as a drag and drop page builder and plugins, to make your life easier when it comes to customising. Setup for this script is a breeze thanks to the generous offer of free installation and setup to your domain from the guys at WP Jobster, meaning all you have to do is click purchase and after 24 hours (promised turn-around) you will have your own fully fledged ‘Fiverr Script’ website.

Free Installation And Setup On Purchase Gives A Hard To Beat 10/10


Looks is a huge factor when it comes to choosing the best Fiverr Clone, so there are no exceptions here. The WP Jobster theme features a modern and high quality look, with page load speed beating most of it’s rivals ten-fold, which is hugely impressive given the graphic heavy nature of the homepage. Layout is comparable to the Prefive WordPress Script featured in another review, however we think this layout just works better and has a finished look straight out of the box. Looking at it from a buyer stand-point on gig based pages, a familiar layout can be seen mimicking typical features expected for anyone who is already used to using sites like UpWork or Fiverr.

WP Jobster Fiverr Script Review

Demo View Of The WP Jobster Fiverr Script

WP Jobster Rewiew Gig View

Front End Gig View

View Live Demo | View Admin Panel Demo

As you can see, the WP Jobster Script provides a high quality design that you can tweak as you see fit. With a bit of customisation you can build a winning website in no time at all, with both micro job and freelance features allowing you to target users in a multitude of different ways. The use of drag and drop page builders will allow anyone, with or without coding knowledge, to make a highly enticing homepage (or any page for that matter) that wouldn’t normally be achievable without large investment into website development.

A Continually High Quality Look And Feel Give A 9/10


From a usability stand-point the WP Jobster Script holds nothing back, with similar features to industry leading freelance websites like Fiverr. A number of excellent features are included from standard including IOS/Android App integrations, flexible commission structures, user levels (tiered services), user notifications and a powerful admin panel, just to name a few. Multi currency support is also available (at webmaster license and above), which allows you to target users internationally, rather than being restricted to a domestic market. Such features give even more opportunity for you to make money with this Fiverr Script.

WP Jobster Review Features

WP Jobster also includes a number of unique features such as Social Connect, Integrated Newsletters and a custom front end for users (able to change colours, themes etc), which really set it apart from other Fiverr Scripts we have reviewed. Newsletter integration out of the box is a powerful method to engage users and keep them coming back, without the need for costly email marketing tools such as Mailchimp (however is only available in the higher packages).

Unique Features And Money Saving Functionality Gives A 9/10


Now for the moment you have all been waiting for, yes the price. The WP Jobster theme is priced competitively with a number of package options available for you to choose from depending on requirements, starting from just $98. We’ve provided a screenshot of the pricing options below, but we recommend visiting the pricing page on their website to grasp some of the additional features included with some of the larger packages (such as multi currency). We feel the best option to go for is the Webmaster ($350) or Developer ($699) licenses as they hold most of the premium features, allowing you to target users internationally. However, if you’re looking for a cost effective option then the Beginner package at $98 gives all you need to get started and you can always upgrade at a later date if required.

WP Jobster Pricing

View Full Pricing Table

Like most of the scripts we feature, some of the larger packages such as the Entrepeneur package ($1200) are reserved for larger ‘business’ projects, which we recommend going for if you have a big budget and are looking for a truly comprehensive experience, so it comes down to your preference.

Competitive Pricing But Tiered Functionality Gives 8/10


Overall the WP Jobster Fiverr Script is a ‘Fiverr’ Clone that you can trust to provide a high quality experience for your users. With drag and drop page builders and the use of unique functionalities this is an empowering option for someone who is looking to get into this market, but has limited website development knowledge. You can set the site up to run like a micro job site, or a freelance one (or both), so there are a host of money-making opportunities available to you with WP Jobster. Combine this with the ability to have your site run on an Android or IOS app and you’ll find it hard not to attract users from all over the globe.

The Fiverr Script Clones Score – 9/10

Like the look of the WP Jobster Script? Take a closer look here.

We also recommend taking a look at the demo pages to get a real feel for the theme and what it can offer by checking out the Live Demo and Admin Panel Demo.


Prefive Fiverr Script Review

Our Fiverr Script Clone reviews are un-biased and look at the overall features, usability, price and effectiveness of the different options that are out there. To view all of our different reviews, please visit our ‘Reviews’ section. 

If you’re just starting out and are not sure what to look at first, please see our ‘Where To Start‘ page which will give you everything you need to get started.

The Prefive Fiverr Script At A Glance

✔ Built With WordPress, Optimised For Mobile and Responsive Design

✔ Live Messaging, Notifications and Ticketed Support System

✔ 18 Different Plugins and Extension Modules Including Translation

✔ 12+ Payment Gateways Available Including Cross Currency Integration

The Prefive Fiverr Script is packed full of features and has a long list of benefits, but how does it all work and is it worth looking into?


Like some of our other featured scripts the Prefive Fiverr Clone is based on WordPress, meaning it can be setup without knowledge of basic coding languages such as CSS and HTML. A simple import into your WordPress themes dashboard will allow you to start tweaking and managing your script within seconds, making the initial setup a breeze. From there you have the ability to install plugins, activate features and customise using the built in framework at your will, without the need for costly development processes.

Easy Setup Using The WordPress Platform Gives A 10/10


Out of the box looks is a big consideration when choosing the best Fiverr Script and in our opinion is where the Prefive WordPress Script excels. It features a truly unique layout and differs considerably from other ones we’ve featured here (like the Sitemile Pricerr script), with a graphic focused design. This makes it perfect for anyone that is looking to add a unique selling point to their site, making it a completely different experience to most other ‘Fiverr’ or ‘Freelancer’ based websites. Of course, you are free to add or remove as much as you see fit, using their 18 different plugins and extensions to add features such as affiliate programs (allowing people to promote gigs on your site).

Demo Homepage View Of The Prefive Fiverr Script

Gig View Of The Prefive Fiverr Script

View Live Demo | View Admin Panel Demo

*See login details on demo page for Admin Panel

As you can see from the images above, a premium look is easily achievable with this script and there is still a lot of room for improvement with manual customisation. The one drawback we have found though is that you must be prepared to customise many elements to get a clean and concise finish, something which is achieved quicker using other scripts we’ve featured. For this reason if you’re looking for a fast setup, then this may not be the one for you but, a bit of time can go a long way to developing a winning ‘freelance’ style site like Fiverr or UpWork.

Premium Looks But Somewhat Lengthy Customisation Gives A 7/10


When it comes to usability, the Prefive Fiverr Script scores well thanks to its use of WordPress and plugins which can easily be tweaked to add features to your site. Compatible for use as both micro job and freelancer style projects, it provides a flexible platform that can allow you to attract a large range of clients that would use sites like these to A, make money from freelance activity and B, source professionals with a particular skill-set. There are a number of standard features you’d expect to see on such a platform including built-in messaging software, user notifications, tiered gig packages (standard, premium etc) and order management, but there are also a number of advanced features you don’t see elsewhere like cross-currency integration and translation features which means you can truly go worldwide with this script.

Prefive Fiverr Script Features

Click here to view a full list of features

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The level of compatibility and built in plugin features makes it difficult to not score the Prefive WordPress Fiverr Script highly, we really do recommend visiting their site to get a grasp of every feature they have available. You won’t be disappointed.

Whether Its A Freelance Or Microjob Site Prefive Has You Covered 9/10


Price is an essential factor for any purchasing decision, whether it’s Fiverr Script or the newest model of car. Luckily Prefive has this covered with a few different package options to choose from, depending on your level of investment and integration you would like. The packages are split up into Start Up ($249), Professional ($499) and Enterprise ($799), with Enterprise being the one to go for if you’re looking at an all encompassing freelancer style site. However the majority of features are still available at the Professional package, so we recommend taking a look at the different options available and base it off what you features you would be looking to use.

Is the price putting you off? Get 5% off with our exclusive code ‘FiverrScript’ 

We think its important to remember that most users will grow into the larger packages, so don’t let the initial investment put you off, as you can always upgrade at a later date.

Competitive Pricing But Restrictions For Lower Packages Gives A 7/10


Overall the Prefive Fiverr Script is a truly powerful out of the box solution to creating a ‘Fiverr’ or ‘Freelancer’ style website. The use of WordPress opens a huge world of opportunity for customisation and integrations, without any need for any kind of expensive development (which is often the barrier of entry with these kinds of sites). With the ability to make use of international currencies and translation features makes your reach global rather than domestic, meaning you can essentially target the 4+ billion people who make use of the internet on a daily basis.

Pair a strong setup with the built in ability WordPress has for SEO (search engine optimisation) and you could be looking at a market dominating force with the Prefive Fiverr Script, at not a lot of investment. But don’t just take our word for it, why not visit their site and live demo’s to get a proper look and feel.

The Fiverr Script Clones Score – 8/10

Get 5% off Prefive with the exclusive code ‘FiverrScript’ 

We also recommend taking a look at the demo pages to get a real feel for the theme and what it can offer by checking out the Live Demo and Admin Panel Demo.