WP Jobster Versus Sitemile Pricerr Theme

Based on the feedback from our previous reviews on both the Sitemile Pricerr and the WP Jobster theme, we thought we’d give you a deeper analysis on how they compare. We’ll be looking at out of the box features, pricing, installation process and a number of other key area’s that are important to consider during decision making.

Out Of The Box Features

Starting with the out of the box features, we’ve taken screenshots from each ‘feature’ page to offer a direct comparison. If the image is too small for viewing on your device, please click on the image itself to view the enlarged version. For those that may not be aware, both the WP Jobster and Pricerr Theme are built on the WordPress platform, making them directly comparable in terms of installation process and ease of use. Both also offer a number of payment gateways and currency supports out of the box, meaning no matter what your final choice is, you’ll be good to go in no time.

WP Jobster Review Features

WP Jobster Theme Standard Feature List

Pricerr Theme Features

Pricerr Theme Standard Features List


  • Both built on the WordPress platform for a quick and easy setup
  • Both offer a range of payment gateways and currency support
  • Both offer a clean layout and easy to use customer front end
  • Both mobile optimized and SEO friendly for search
  • Both offer built in private messaging system


  • Compatible with WordPress page builders like elementor – Pricerr Theme
  • Escrow or ‘credit’ system available for all users – Pricerr Theme
  • Uses WordPress blog standard features for blog posting – Pricerr Theme
  • Flexible commission features allow for a unique approach – WP Jobster Theme
  • Buyers can request custom gigs or services from freelancers – WP Jobster Theme
  • Ability to fully customize the user front end – WP Jobster Theme


Moving on to a pricing comparison, this is when the differences become a little clearer. There are a wide variety of pricing options available for both the WP Jobster and the Pricerr themes, which vary depending on the account level, or access that you require. For example the ‘beginner’ packages both start from $98/$99 however you’ll find that only a handful of features are available at that price bracket, so is important to carefully consider them against your requirements.

WP Jobster Pricing

WP Jobster Theme Pricing

Pricerr WordPress Theme Pricing

Pricerr Theme Pricing


  • Both themes start from just $98/$99 for the ‘basic’ level packages
  • Both are offered as lifetime licenses so you only pay once


  • Pro Custom package includes ‘custom work’ for any custom features – Pricerr Theme
  • IOS app included on Entrepreneur packages and above – Pricerr Theme
  • Entrepreneur package is almost 40% cheaper than Pricerr – WP Jobster
  • Developer package offering best value for money – WP Jobster


Overall when making a decision between either the Pricerr or the WP Jobster theme, it is important to factor in both your budget requirements and feature needs. We recommend reading through our reviews of these themes individually to give the best insight.

Looking at a glance, its clear that WP Jobster is offering a competitive pricing structure with the top package coming in at just $1200 versus $2297 for the Pricerr theme equivalent. If its a mobile application that you’re looking for, then you may want to consider weighing up the additional costs of the Pricerr theme against what it may cost to outsource the development of a mobile application.

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  1. This is a hard choice… both seem like good WordPress themes. I will speak to each individually and see if they can offer any additional features. Thank you!


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